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I+DEAR Conference

Innovation is a way of doing research. Innovation is not only having ideas but putting them into action. Anyone working in CLM healthcare organizations is capable of innovating, of thinking about doing things that result in an improvement for the organization of professionals or patients.

It is to observe carefully, to look at everything that can benefit what you usually have as a task, to improve either in your personal or professional life. Innovation is not just having ideas, but putting ideas into practice. Ideas in value.

The vast majority of our healthcare professionals are vocational and non-healthcare professionals adapt to this way of being and feeling, and most of them develop a strong sense of belonging. Consequently, improving their work space, benefiting patients directly or indirectly, is part of their vocation.

The participation of all levels of healthcare organizations aims to provide solutions to problems that are usually in the minds of our professionals in direct or indirect relationship with patients, it is also a way to create a culture of improvement and give value to their ideas in action.

The Institute for Health Research of Castilla-La Mancha (IDSCAM), organizes the day of innovation,
. The aim of this conference is to reinforce innovation at any level of workers belonging to public health organizations in Castilla-La Mancha, through a prize competition.

I I+DEAR Conference


  • Patient Satisfaction.
  • Professional Satisfaction
  • Economic sustainability
  • Professional and/or Patient Safety


Date: 12/04/2023

VENUE: Assembly Hall of the Consejería de Sanidad de Castilla-La Mancha

1º Award

Title: Who is behind your food.

Institution/Center: GAI Cuenca.

Authors: Mª Isabel Miota Ibarra, Sofía Arribas García, Julián Muñoz Aparicio, Elvira Collada Cañamares, Adela Rubio Herraiz, Dolores Álvaro Guijarro and Sacramento Fuente García.

2º Award

Title: Optimization of the early warning notification process in high impact pathologies of the radiological information system (YKONO-RIS) and its integration in the electronic medical record (MXXI).

Institution/Center: GAI Ciudad Real.

Authors: Trinidad Cañuelo Merino, Almudena Martos Sánchez and Carlos López Menéndez.

3º Award

Title: Wise Steps.

Institution/Center: GAI Puertollano.

Author: Jesús Herrera Herreros.

Here you can see the winning videos: