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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Last Wednesday, February 8, the Institute for Health Research of Castilla-La Mancha (IDISCAM) hosted the first edition of its Health Research Day, a day aimed at all researchers in the health field in which 29 oral communications were presented.

On February 8, 2023, the I IDISCAM Health Research Day was held at the Beatriz Hotel in Toledo, under the slogan “Let’s do research, it’s for your health”, with ROCHE and PALEX as sponsors.
The welcome and inauguration of the Conference was carried out by Mr. Mr. Jesús Fernández Sanz, Regional Minister of Health of Castilla-La Mancha.
Afterwards, the day began with the Inaugural Conference, with Dr. Xavier Montalbán Gairín, Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center (Cemcat) and Head of the Neurology Service at Vall d’ Hebron, and Mr. Manel Peiró Posadas, Director of the Institute for Healthcare Management at ESADE Business School.
The following Round Tables were held during the day:

Research Horizons: Precision and Personalized Medicine (PPM) and Support Tools in Castilla-La Mancha with Dr. Ignacio Párraga Martínez, Primary Care (GAI Albacete), Dr . Ignacio Párraga Martínez, GAI Albacete, Dr . Ignacio Párraga Martínez, GAI Albacete, Dr. Ignacio Párraga Martínez, GAI Albacete. Dr. Bárbara Meléndez AsensioDr. Álvaro Hidalgo Vega, Professor of Health Economics (UCLM), Dr. Francisco Javier Redondo Calvo, Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain (HUGCR), Dr. José Sánchez Espinosa (Hospital de Hellín) and Dr. José Sánchez Espinosa (Hospital de Hellín). Dr. Virginia Vila del SolThe speakers were Mr. José Antonio Díaz Almendros, Head of Administration of the National Paraplegic Hospital Foundation (HNP) and Mr. José Antonio Díaz Almendros, Head of Administration of the National Paraplegic Hospital Foundation, as moderator.

Round Table 2. Digital Transformation, counting on the Dr. Olga Mediano San AndrésHead of Pneumology Section (HUGU) and Head of the CIBERES Group, D. Eladio Linares MorcilloDirector of Information Technologies (SESCAM), and Mr. Juan Ángel Morejudo FloresGeneral Director of Digital Administration (Government of Castilla-La Mancha) as speakers, and the Dr. Vicenç Martínez IbáñezScientific Director of IDISCAM, acting as moderator.
The following Oral Communications were presented, divided in two classrooms:

ROOM 1. With the participation of:

  • Dr. Beatriz Gallego GómezThe following presentations were moderated by the Chair of Project Management (FHNP).
  • Rubén José Bernal Celestino. Title: “User satisfaction and experience with a mass vaccination point versus COVID”. GAI Ciudad Real.
  • Beatriz Castro Robles and Gemma Serrano de las Heras. Title: “Effect of COVID-19 reminder dose on endothelial function”. Albacete University Hospital and UCLM.
  • José María López-Pintor Huertas. Title: “Evolution of biomarkers in patients with persistent detection of SARS-CoV-2”. General Hospital La Mancha Centro.
  • Laura Cervantes Torres. Title: “Longitudinal study of the flash glucose monitoring system in type 1 diabetics: mHealt, an ally in times of COVID-19”. CS Manzanares II.
  • Nerea Corbacho Alonso. Title: “Role of diabetes mellitus in aortic valve calcification”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Beatriz Cervera Monteagudo. Title: “Experience of the hospitalized surgical patient. Multicenter study in Castilla-La Mancha”. GAI Cuenca.
  • Ana Belén Flores Bautista. Title: “Satisfaction of hospitalized patients with post-surgical pain management. Multicenter study in Castilla-La Mancha”. GAI Albacete.
  • María Pilar Córcoles Jiménez. Title: “Effectiveness of the implementation of evidence-based recommendations for the assessment and management of pain in hospitalized surgical patients”. GAI Albacete.
  • Margarita Civera Miguel. Title: “Relationship of symptoms with quality of life in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients”. GAI Ciudad Real.
  • Antonio Martínez García. Title: “Basic life support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in SECONDARY EDUCATION: “THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TRAINED FIRST RESPONDER”. University Hospital of Guadalajara.
  • Bernardo Javier Losa Ballesteros and Jorge Rosell Pérez. Title: “Effectiveness of theoretical-practical teaching in cardiopulmonary resuscitation institutes”. Villarrobledo Hospital.
  • Mº Victoria Ruíz García. Title: “Results of the implementation of a Good Practice Guide on “Breastfeeding” in the Integrated Care Management of Albacete”. GAI Albacete.
    Sonia Almodóvar Fuentes. Title: “Sleep habits and new technologies in students of formative cycles”. Hospital General La Mancha Centro Alcázar de San Juan.
  • Elena Montes Velasco. Title: “Profile of the patient referred to clinical psychology from primary care after the COVID-19 pandemic and demand management”. University Hospital of Toledo.
    Noelia Laso Pablos. Titles: “The official public health control of the use of additives in food”. Provincial Health Delegation of Toledo.

. With the participation of:

  • Dña. Bárbara Lucía Romojaro AlonsoThe following presentations were moderated by the Legal and Human Resources Manager (FHNP).
  • Diego Clemente López. Title: “Targeted preclinical research: a source of answers for the resolution of health problems associated with multiple sclerosis”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Inés Perales Sánchez. Title: “Alteration of the proteomic profile in patients with psoriasis and subclinical atherosclerosis: AtheroRiskPso Project”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Cristina Juárez Alia. Title: “Deciphering the connection between Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular risk factors using DIA-PASEF”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Hugo Vara Rivera. Title: “Carbon microfiber electrodes for neural activity recording and stimulation in the spinal cord”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Jorge Eduardo Collazos Castro. Title: “Electroactive implant for the treatment of spinal cord injury”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Marta Ríos León. Title: “Health and life priorities in the Spanish pediatric population with spinal cord injury from the perspective of patients and their parents or caregivers”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Javier Mazarío. Title: “Research Support Services of the National Hospital of Paraplegics (SAI-HNP): Scientific-technological platforms available to IDISCAM members”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • María del Carmen Martínez Picón and María del Pilar Naz Núñez. Title: “Circadian rhythm and blood pressure in patients with ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and its relationship with the occurrence of cardiovascular events”. Hospital Mancha Centro (Alcázar de San Juan)
  • Alfonso Luís Blázquez Manzanera. Title: “Population circadian patterns of osmolality and glomerular filtration: a physiological explanation”. Villarrobledo Hospital
  • Maeve Soto Pérez. Title: “Familial aortic pathology: cost-effectiveness of genetic study and family screening”. University Hospital of Ciudad Real.
  • Emilio Blanco López. Title: “Chronology of Red Flags appearance in a cohort of patients with Cardiac Amyloidosis and its influence on diagnosis and prognosis”. University Hospital of Ciudad Real.
  • Jesús Piqueras Flores. Title: “Analysis of familial cosegregation and pathogenicity of a new genetic variant in the FBN1 gene in Marfan syndrome”. University Hospital of Ciudad Real.
  • Tamara Sastre Oliva. Title: “How does coronary artery disease affect aortic valve calcification? Implications of oxidative stress”. National Hospital of Paraplegics.
  • Elvira Gutiérrez Gutiérrez. Title: “Analysis of risk factors for prostate cancer progression in active surveillance”. University Hospital of Guadalajara.

The I IDISCAM Health Research Conference was very well received by speakers and attendees, laying the groundwork for the celebration of its second edition in February 2024.