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November 02, 2023


The winner of the trip and guided visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, Mª Isabel Miota Ibarra (Gerencia de Atención Integrada de Cuenca), with the proposal “Who is behind your food” first prize of the I Jornada I+DEAR held last April 12, 2023 tells us about his experience in the trip made last September:


Hours before departure,

nerves, fear and excitement;

I have never been a close friend

of air travel.


The first surprise was

see our double-decker plane!

my anxiety vanished:

such a bird would be accurate.



After a few hours,

watered with Ramón Bilbao,

we finally arrived in Boston

impressive in spite of being “nublao



I saw my name on a sign

and I was so happy

I embraced Rafael,

our guide for those days.


We arrived at the hotel,

unbeatable location,

in it has been housed

honorable characters.


A guiding red line

for the history of the city,

you just have to follow her

and focus on enjoying yourself.


Giant skyscrapers,

next to small houses,



a very nice postcard.


Guided tour of MIT

deserves special mention:

makes you dream of things

and to strive to achieve them.


We sail the Atlantic

for whale watching;

see them at liberty

I swear it leaves a mark.


As an anecdote

we adopted a puppy,

and as you can guess

we have named it Boston.


Thank you very much for the experience.


Isabel Miota


In the following link you can remember the winning video, as well as the finalists, of the I Jornada I+DEAR last April 12, 2023: